Brand Ambassadors


Our Brand ambassadors encourage more influencers

Through the power of social media our brand ambassadors will encourage more people to become involved in our sport. We want the shining stars in teams, clubs and schools to aspire to lead and teach the next generation. Can you bring those people in? We will reward you with amazing prizes and great stuff for introducing more influencers in the sport.

There is no restrictions on what you look like or your race, religion or sex. We are looking for confident, powerful, strong and passionate people of ages 14-25 and over 25s from each county in the West Midlands.

You will have an incentive to promote to your followers, from coaching courses to encouraging players to join their local club. We want you to show the world how amazing it can be to be in the Netball Family.

What is up for grabs for promoting our messages?

We will be offering tickets to international and super league matches, goodie bags and vouchers for trainers and clothing from leading sport suppliers. You will also get a welcome gift for your commitment to the brand ambassador role!

Prizes and Benefits

We want to reward our brand ambassadors – We are looking for 7 brand ambassadors aged 18-25 and 7 over 25 year olds.

You will be sent a unique code to promote. We will give you content through our website and our blog and special incentives to encourage people to sign up or join various roles available with Netball West Midlands or clubs in the region.

What you can get

Why I Coach!

I love being part of my club and watching the team bonding over the wins and losses.

My role is to encourage, support and help these women create great connections on and off the court. My life has changed since I found netball and I will have this little space in my heart for netball forever.

We started in a Pandemic and mental wellbeing as well as keeping physically fit when so much has been shut down was the challenge, the members of the club were so engaged and committed, waiting for every announcement, anticipating the next opening and when we can finally get together.

Now we can play, we are getting stronger after having been through so much almost thrown together, our bond is fantastic and with the fire in our bellies, my coaching journey has been different to one I could ever have imagined. Would I change it? Not for the world.