Coaches are the heartbeat of netball. Passionate, people centric, inspiring, creative, valued, self-aware, organised and constantly learning leaders. People who pull teams together, develop individual talent, evolve learning, and allow netballers to compete and grow.

Coaching expertise is based on 70% experience, 20% exposure and 10% education. If you have a love of netball, ambition and experience then we have the tools to make a great coach of you! A children’s coach, one who sustains participation, a coach of adults at performance development, high performance or elite level. Your coaching journey starts here.


There are 3 levels of coaching courses – beginners, over 2 years’ experience and coaching at the highest level. Enhanced by workshops in performance identification, game sense, bee netball, walking netball and coaching resources including videos, blogs and FAQs.


Nothing is more important than safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of our netball family. Here you can report a current or historic concern, view safeguarding policies and procedures for children and adults. Check codes of conduct, regulations and guidance for DBS, live streaming, anti-bullying, social media and the recruitment of ex-offenders.

To minimise risk of harm, view compulsory and recommended training and education for coaches and volunteers. Contact the people and organisations who can, and will help you.