New Committee Members

​We are delighted to introduce not 1 , not 2 but 3 new board members to your West Midlands Netball Board. Time to say hello to Emma, Leigh and Zena. We asked all our new team to tell us a little about themselves.

Emma Payne
I have been a University Netball Officer (or UNO) for the past 2 years at the University of the West of England, where I worked in a team of four to facilitate netball now sessions (or ‘social’ netball) for UWE sport. In my first year we had 12 teams and 150+ people signed up, but this year we had to unfortunately limit numbers due to Covid regulations.

​I also tried to take an active role in sport as a whole, taking part in Q&As for the UWE sport instagram page to advertise volunteering in sport as well as promoting women in sport for ‘This Girl Can‘ week.

I also helped to organise fundraising during lockdown with the other UNOs where we raised £770 for Mind the Mental Health Charity by getting our girls involved and doing a sponsored run (the distance to Lapland, 2000+km, during the month of december between us!) . Last year I was nominated for UWE volunteer of the year for my work in the UNO role which I am very proud of. I also am an American Football official, one of (I think) 12 women in the UK who have ever qualified, but am yet to work my first game as I qualified during lockdown! I recently moved back to my hometown of Hereford from Bristol as I have now (nearly!) graduated from my BSc in Biological Psychology, and will be undertaking my MSc in Clinical Neuropsychiatry at the University of Birmingham from September….’
Welcome Emma, it’s great to have you on ‘board’. ​

Meet our second new Board member
Leigh Trigg.

I started my netball journey nearly 4 years ago and in that time have qualified as a coach, umpire and started my own club. Through the pandemic, I hosted socials and fitness training to keep spirits up and doubled the club size and introduced 4 people into the coaching pathway through England Netball and 2 umpires through the officiating pathway.

In December we raised money doing 21km before 2021 and raised over £200 for a local school.

I run 2 businesses and have done so for 8 years and have 2 boys who I adore immensely, I have coached juniors and seniors and my passion is to introduce as many people into the netball family as possible. Netball has completely changed my life, I am fit and healthy, active and positive with a great social life and support network.
I am hoping to experience much more in my netball journey and hope to make a positive difference to someone’s mental and physical health, like the sport has done for me…’
It’s great to be adding new members to the Board and tomorrow we introduce our third new member.

And finally, here is our 3rd new Board member…
Zena Johnston.

Zena’s a very familiar face around the WM family but here’s some things you might not know about her…

Zena is the Regional Officiating Lead and Regional League Umpire co-ordinator.

An Ex county player for Shropshire & Worcester’s, A Umpire, A ward Assessor, tutor, Internat. Technical Official.

Zena loves volunteering with RDA (Riding for the disabled) children
and is passionate about animal welfare, (which means she weeps a lot!!) she also eats an awful lot of chocolate yum..

Zena Johnston