2023’s Big Prem Update

It’s time for our first premier league update of 2023! 💥 And it’s a big one to kick off the new year 💯
We’re well over half way through the season now, and teams will be looking forward to getting those top spots ahead of the playoffs, which will take place on 22nd and 23rd April 2023 at the University of Worcester Arena in our very own region 🤩🤩
It’s been a tough week for Linden and Ryland, who now look forward to return fixture home games in the coming weeks. Ryland will be seeking a win after previously losing to Norfolk by only 2 goals in the away match. Linden are the only West Mids team playing next week, and they’ll be looking to repeat their big week 1 win over Sussex Thunder.
Worcester Reds had a massive game this week, with both the Reds and Toucans shooters on FIRE with over 130 goals scored in the game 🔥 Reds came out victortious though, and now look ahead to taking on 2nd place Grangetown.
Currently all 3 West Mids teams are sitting about midway on the table, with Worcester Reds in 5th and Linden in 7th in Premier 2, and Ryland are 6th in Premier 3. It’s still all to play for though, with only 1 and 2 wins between Reds and Linden and the top spot respectively; and only one win between Ryland and 2nd place Northants Storm. Can our West Mids prem teams race up to the top before playoffs? 👀