Featured Friday: Stafford Walking Netball Club

Featured Friday: September 30th 2022

Our current West Midlands Club of the Year and our debut #FeaturedFriday is Stafford Walking Netball Club! Stafford Walking Netball Club have grown to be one of the largest #WalkingNetball clubs in the region and they certainly use their numbers for good. Speaking of a charity tournament recently held by the Walking Netballers, Staffordshire County Chair Sally Kendrick said:
“It was a fun, brilliant, and enjoyable day; and to raise over £150 for our local charity is a phenomenal testament to the generosity of all who attended.”
Not only this, but @staffordwalkingnetballclub have spent their weekend helping out at the local 10k supporting the athletes in their community. Well done everyone! 👏

If you know a club, player, coach, or umpire who could be one of our next #FeaturedFriday for their commitment to netball in the #WestMids then drop us an email: west.midlands@englandnetball.co.uk