Our first #FeaturedFriday of 2023!

It’s the first #FeaturedFriday of 2023! 🤩
Featured Friday is back for 2023 with a shiny new look, celebrating our West Midlands regional colours.
This year’s first Featured Friday goes to BAI club player and volunteer Chris! Chris has been nominated by a member of her club, and here is why:
‘Chris plays a critical role in supporting BAI netball club, she supports players both on and off the court. She is the go to for anything club related! Her passion for netball and the club are clear. As a new player to the team she has made me feel incredibly welcome and taken an interest in me, as she does with everyone.’
We love reading about all the amazing people making netball happen in the community, a huge thank you to Chris for making this new netballer feel welcome and supporting the West Mids family 🤗
If you know someone like Chris who deserves a shout out, or perhaps your club are doing something great in 2023, drop us an email or fill in the #FeaturedFriday nomination form in our bio to see someone you know on our socials next time!