Congratulations to Stratford Thunderbirds who won the final 56-42 against Henley.

Both teams played some amazing netball.

The whole day was a brilliant showcase of netball talent in our region.


The final placings are as follows:

1  Stratford Thunderbirds

2  Henley

3  Barr Beacon

4  Parkside

5  Yendys

6  Tibberton

7  Linden

8  Fenton Manor

9  Foxes

10 Worcester

11 Ryland

12 Dudley Rd

13 Sutton Royals

14 Stafford

15 Elmdon

16 Leamington


Many thanks to all for your continued support of our u19 league.

We hope that your players have enjoyed playing in our regional league at a great venue with great atmosphere and we look forward to doing it all again later THIS year!!!

Many thanks to Zena for supporting the competition on match days and for presenting the medals to our finalists; and many thanks to Syd for doing the fixtures.

Wishing everyone happiness, health and peace in 2023.

Happy New Year!